Music producers, get ready to enhance your sound library with Sekora’s latest offering – the Artist Essentials preset pack for U-He Diva. This collection features 140 meticulously designed Diva presets tailored for melodic house, techno, and various other electronic genres.

Created by a dedicated team of Sekora producers and artists, these presets promise to bring the unique Sekora sound to your productions. This preset pack is a game-changer whether you’re producing organic house, progressive, or deep tracks.

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What’s Included in the Sekora Artist Essentials Pack?

140 Presets for Melodic House & Techno

The Sekora Artist Essentials pack offers a robust selection of 140 presets. These include 100 presets specifically crafted by Sekora artists and 40 essential melodic house and techno presets. Each preset delivers high-quality sound and versatility, ensuring producers can find the perfect fit for any track.

Free Bass Edition

Alongside the main preset pack, Sekora provides a free Bass Edition, featuring 10 essential bass presets for Diva. This addition is perfect for producers looking to beef up their bass lines with deep, powerful sounds that cut through the mix.

Key Features

Each Sekora Artist Essentials pack preset is crafted with attention to detail. These versatile sounds maintain the high-quality standard that Sekora is known for. Producers can expect a wide range of sounds, from deep basses to soaring leads, lush pads, and intricate plucks.

UOAK, the Sekora head honcho, shares the vision behind the release by saying, “I’ve always wanted to own a preset pack that just works, so I decided to make it myself with the help of other Sekora artists. I created a variety of simple and complex sounds that are essential for any melodic house and techno track. It has become my go-to pack for every production and captures the Sekora sound beautifully.”

FAQs about Sekora Artist Essentials

What genres are these presets suitable for? These presets are perfect for melodic house, techno, organic house, progressive, and deep genres.

Is there a requirement for using these presets? Yes, you need U-He Diva version 1.4.7.

Can I try any presets before purchasing? Yes, the pack includes a free Bass Edition with 10 essential bass presets to give you a taste of the full pack’s quality.

Sekora’s Artist Essentials preset pack for U-He Diva is a must-have for any music producer looking to elevate their sound. With 140 high-quality presets, including a free Bass Edition, this collection offers versatility and top-notch sound design. Enhance your tracks with the unique Sekora sound and take your productions to the next level.


  • UOAK
  • CallumCantSleep
  • Jope
  • LAR
  • Bound to Divide
  • Banatai
  • Matt Leger
  • Exit Coda
  • Fica
  • Alex Pich
  • Deeparture

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