Scowl‘s Kat Moss has responded to the “industry plant” criticism the band have gotten by asking: “Is our success never valid enough for you?”

The frontwoman of the California hardcore band took to X/Twitter to voice her feelings on the constant criticism Scowl faces. Quoting Bikini Kill’s track ‘White Boy’, the vocalist tweeted: “I’m so sorry if I’m alienating some of you, your whole fucking culture alienates me!”

She proceeded to share a statement that read: “I am sick of hearing the phrase ‘Industry plant’ every single time Scowl experiences success. Our friends bands-bands commonly full of men, will sign brand deals, have a song in a commercial, get a co-sign from massively successful musicians, etc… yet I never read whisperings of whether or not they deserve those successes, whether or not they are valid enough, GOOD enough, or worked hard enough to be deserving of that success.”

Moss continued: “Is our success never valid enough for you? Why is this competition created between us and our community, specifically femme-bodied individuals? A competition I never participated in, a patriarchal competition I challenge by questioning my thoughts, actions, and insecurities every single day.”

She then acknowledged that she is not alone in the “long list of people who have never felt good enough,” stating that she has chosen silence many times and chooses “to sing, scream, and dance my pain into the night. I choose art over violence.”

Scowl have taken part in some of the biggest hardcore events of the post-pandemic era and have spent the last few years building up their reputation as a star-worthy live band. They have toured with the likes of Militarie GunShow Me The Body, Jesus Piece, Zulu, The Bronx, The Chats, Drug Church as well as opening for Limp Bizkit and Circle Jerks.

In other Scowl news, the band are set to play two sold-out shows in September at The Meadows and Saint Vitus with Militarie Gun and MSPAINT.

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