Salvatore Ganacci is known for his outrageous behavior. From his ridiculous dance moves on stage to his now iconic quote from Tomorrowland 2017 of “Try to relax your anus”, Ganacci has always been a showstopper in one way or another.

While Salvatore's stage presence is usually the topic when his name comes up in conversation, this week the producer is making waves because of his video for his latest single, ‘Horse'. The track was tapped by Skrillex's imprint OWSLA and features easily one of the weirdest music videos so far in 2019 (hell. this decade). The video has already racked up over 300,000 views since it was uploaded.

Moral of the story in this music video seems to be, treat animals nicely. Or Salvatore Ganacci will find you and slam your head in a car trunk. Check it out below.