The eccentric and raw talented Saint Rien is back at it with a new hit track titled “Like You.” Putting himself at the top, the artist effortlessly blends in perfectly synchronized beats with relatable lyrics. The voice behind the track “Tell The Truth,” Saint Rien has gathered much-deserved acclaim for his effortless demeanor and ability to speak the truth as it is.

The Australian artist is now based in Los Angeles and has been creating hits for days. His good vibes and confidence are just what we need to set us off on the right foot this summer. His coveted skills have driven him to the top and set him apart from his peers. As he seamlessly takes our emotions and displays them into song, Saint Rien has become a go-to for any occasion.

As the former frontman and songwriter for Storm The Sky, Saint Rien ultimately decided to switch it up and write his own music. The sentimental ballad will perfectly depict your feelings and palace in a trans of emotions.

Keep Saint Rien on your radar, and follow him on Spotify for more.