Adding his own nuanced flare to SAINt JHN’s “Borders” featuring Lenny Kravitz, DJ Politik impresses on his latest dynamic remix. Enamored by the multi-genre style of mixing pioneered by DJ AM & Mark Ronson, Politik’s musical influences are deep rooted and cerebral. His budding yet vibrant musical catalog embodies his unique, tasteful style of spinning records, and his remix of SAINt JHN’s “Borders” featuring Lenny Kravitz is no different: crafting stirring melodies atop an infectious backbeat, Politik continues to showcase his deep versatility as a producer. Infectious to its core, the remix is a club-ready, smooth as butter treat from the up & coming DJ/producer. Tune into the new flip after the jump now and check out a quote from DJ Politik above the stream.

“I’ve been a fan of SAINt JHN since the early days and always imagined remixing the right track when it came along. I heard ‘Borders’ in my car while listening to the new album for the first time and immediately knew that was the one. I didn’t want to stray too far from the original, so I preserved many of the elements and took an ambient, futuristic R&B approach, while injecting just enough power to energize a dancefloor. I think the end result is a mix that can live in multiple settings and appeal to a broad audience, which is how I like to approach my remixes.” – DJ Politik