The New Zealand duo SACHI has had a jam-packed fall. Besides touring alongside Phantoms during their North American tour, SACHI has also dropped a new EP titled “Nights With Ruby”. I had the opportunity to ask the now Los Angeles residents about their recent accomplishments.

Your fall tour is on the home stretch! How has the tour been so far? Any highlights?

Tour has been super fun! Traveling to new places in America and playing in places we’ve never played before has been heaps of fun. A highlight was definitely eating deep dish pizza in chicago.

You perform alongside Phantoms on this tour. Are the guys as hilarious and ridiculous in real life as we might expect?

Yeah, they are such lovely boys, can’t thank them enough for having us on this run. We have a very similar sense of humour so we’ve been laughing a lot on tour.

You two have been up to some shenanigans of your own lately. Recently you hit the streets of Hollywood and got the opinions from some interesting characters on your music. Who was your favorite from the interviews?

Haha, that was a fun day. We interviewed this guy who was holding a snake which was pretty interesting as we don’t have snakes in New Zealand.

Speaking of your music, the “Nights With Ruby” EP dropped earlier this season. The vocal support is huge on this one! Did you have the vocalists in mind for these tracks going in, or did it all fall into place organically?

Yeah! We didn’t really calculate how many vocal features we wanted for Ruby, everything kind of just happened naturally. It’s a collection of songs we wrote over the span of around 3 years.

From these amazing tracks, “Sparking My Fire” is the one that’s getting a lot of recent attention, creeping up to that 5 million play mark. What makes this track so special in your opinion?

It was one of those tracks that just had a special type of energy, I don’t know how to explain it. Roe’s vocals are so powerful and just had this epic vibe. Some songs just feel right.

It looks like you’ll be ending the year on a high note! Are there any plans or projects in mind for next year?

We’re coming in hot next year! We’ve been writing a bunch of new stuff, so we’re very excited to roll it all out next year.

Finally, your claim to fame was slipping a USB drive into an SUV that Diplo was riding in, after which he ended up listening to and backing. Has anyone returned the favor?

That was a crazy situation! No ones really done the same for us since him – but every time an artist comes up to us and asks us to listen to their music we always check it out, full circle.

I'd like to thank SACHI for taking time out of their busy fall schedule for this interview. Make sure to check out “Nights With Ruby”, which is available now!