Ryden is a multifaceted artist, bursting at the seams with talent. Proclaiming her truth with motivational lyrics over funky club breaks, Ryden commands attention and respect on her inspirational New Noise debut “Whoever I Want.” Her latest effort “Whoever I Want” is a bold call to action, rallying fans to leap over roadblocks and stay focused on their dreams and aspirations. As a teenage runaway who put herself through a Stanford education, all while battling a debilitating health condition, the Los Angeles native knows a thing or two about dream chasing and defying odds. Today, Ryden stands out as an emerging talent, mixing slick rap vocals over swagger-filled house beats. By trusting her gut and staying true to herself, Ryden became her own superhero, laying down a strong foundation for a promising career.

New Noise is Dim Mak’s new music discovery imprint that focuses on cutting edge sounds from burgeoning artists across the genre spectrum. New Noise originally got its start as a compilation series highlighting fresh faces handpicked by Steve Aoki and the Dim Mak crew. Since then, the platform has evolved into a bi-weekly, free-download model based on singles. New Noise’s current incarnation is also copyright free, which allows the budding community of Twitch gamers and amateur YouTube creators to use New Noise music in their videos and live streams without the need to purchase or pay fees, all in exchange for linking back to the artists and their music.
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