Romare announced this week the release of his new album ‘Home’. It will be out on July 31 Ninja Tune.

‘Home’ will be Romare’s first album since 2016’s ‘Love Songs: Part Two’, and his third overall.

To accompany the news, Romare also released the first single from the album, ‘Sunshine’.

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Different to his previous album, which was concerned with intimacy and outward relationships, ‘Sunshine’ feels personal, stands strong on its own two feet and projects a feeling of collective joy without necessarily needing anyone else to participate in it.

B-side ‘Gone’ is darker, more introverted. It coils in on itself to reluctantly reveal more of its layers.

This gives a taste of the themes that ‘Home’ will traverse as an album, moving away from love songs to a more intimate journey of self-discovery. Commenting on the album, Romare says, “identity and a sense of belonging is something I’ve been searching for more since becoming a father. Growing up, I was always around lots of people from different backgrounds. My own identity sometimes felt lost.”

Listen to ‘Sunshine’ below.

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