In a world jam-packed with one-hit wonders, extremely consistent producers dance music have always been sought-after. And that makes Rodg one the rare-breed. The humble Dutchman is one the best kept Armada Music secrets, delivering top-notch releases on a regular basis.

An impressive string features on various Armada compilations proved to be the stepping stone for Rodg, renowned for a sound that sticks out. His signature sound has proven to be among the most recognizable and infectious across the scene and he doesn't pull any punches now. Fierce and energetic, his latest single ‘U Got U' is sure to make its impact on stages across the world.

Recently, we got the chance to ask a few questions to Rodg himself, as well as get a club shaking 30-minute guest mix that is filled with progressive energy from start to finish.


1. Rodg X Roovel – Fast Lane
2. Kyau & Albert feat Jeza – Bring You Back (Beatsole Remix)
3. Robert Miles – Children (Mike Shiver Rework)
4. Rodg – U Got U
5. Ruben de Ronde X Rodg & Ben Gold – BombSquadKittens
6. Ruben de Ronde X Rodg vs Above & Beyond- Little Northern Soul (RdR Mashup)
7. Cirez D – Diamond Girl

Thanks for doing this Rodg, love the new tune!

Thank you!

‘U Got U' is out now and is a very slow burning progressive trance heater. You are much more on the progressive side the scene with your music, is that the style that you prefer to make?

Definitely! I have loved progressive for ages, it basically made me fall in love with the more melodic side dance music. Sometimes I can hear myself in those records from when I started listening to the more progressive sound made back then by Sasha, Sander Kleinenberg and also Armin van Buuren still influence me today.

Your album Togetherr w/ Ruben de Ronde was a massive success and I loved the idea the collaborative album. How did that come about? Usually, people make a song or two together, you guys made a whole album!

Well, first all, thank you! Ruben & I were booked for the b2b set at A State Of Trance Utrecht last year in 2017. We wanted to do something special there and decided the set should contain only our own music and/remixes… Moving on with that, we decided to make only new original work especially for that DJ set, and as well could release that as an album. That's how the idea for Togetherr was born.

I'll ask you the same thing I asked Ruben – what is your thoughts on the slow-moving, near nonexistent trance scene in the USA compared to Europe?

This is difficult to say as I haven't played in the US that ten so it's hard for me to touch base with the current situation in the US. But if I compare it with 5 years back it definitely took some major steps forward and festivals like Dreamstate and also ASOT at Ultra Miami are making it happen that trance is getting bigger in the US… Competition is hard but a lot artists do play in the US, maybe not the big shows but smaller venues.

What does the festival season have in store for Rodg?

Touring in Europe, and I'm very excited for that. When I was 16 I snuck into Mysteryland with a fake ID, and this year I'm playing that festival at the Trance Energy stage. That is going to be fantastic.