Rochelle Jordan has released two bangers of singles over the past month and now we have a more complete picture of what is coming. The Los Angeles-based artist has announced her new album, Play With the Changes on TOKiMONSTA’s Young Art Records. She has released the next single “Next 2 You” today.

“When KLSH first played me this beat, I thought it was so jarring and unconventional that I fell in love with it,” says Jordan about the new single. “It really took me back to the days when I obsessed over Deadmau5 and Artful Dodger, but this was a very futuristic sound I hadn't quite heard before. It's as strange as it sounds, as it feels, and is as beautiful and unique as I love for my music to be. As far as the lyrics go, the song is about what it says. I'm trying to get next to you."

Blending R&B, UK garage, vintage UK house, 90’s pop, hip-hop and more, the album will cover a bit of everything. KLSH, Machinedrum, and Jimmy Edgar produced the LP. This will be Jordan’s first album since 2014.

Play With The Changes will be released on April 30. See the complete tracklist below and pre-order the LP here.

Play with the Changes Tracklist:

1. Love U Good
2. Got Em
3. Next 2 You
4. All Along
5. Broken Steel Ft. Farrah Fawx
6. Count It
7. Already
8. Nothing Left
9. Lay
10. Something
11. Dancing Elephants
12. Situation