Australia’s very own multi-instrumentalist and drum and bass icon, Rob Swire, has recently unleashed one the biggest musical headlines 2018. Despite Pendulum‘s lack releases since 2010, and only occasionally resurfacing for distinct sets since 2016, the band is about to drop one the most highly anticipated projects the year.

On March 16, 2018, their soon-to-be hit new album will be dropping, entitled Reworks. In addition, they are spoiling their fans with another incredible gift; they will also be unveiling The Complete Works box set.

Last August, the beloved founder, and record producer tweeted that he was “so f*]cking bored EDM and lit drops and Serum patches and fEsTiVaL bAsS. I’m gonna make a new Pendulum album.”

Yesterday, the dynamic musician confirmed that the speculations were indeed correct.

We absolutely can’t wait to hear what they have in store. Hopefully, the excitement showcases through the new album, as opposed to this particular tweet…!