Production which RMA has been rampaging up the food chain in dance music in recent years with a steady tide of heavyweight tracks that have picked up and released by stellar imprints such as Axtone, NoFace, Sirup Music, Ensis, Brooklyn Fire and many more of the best labels in the business.

Moving into the 2020 summer season, RMA brings a double dose of musical relief to the global pandemic in the shape of his brand-new offering ‘Feeling Strange’ which arrives this month on the ever-reliable 2Dutch syndicate on their 2Dutch Deep sub-label.

Flying into action with a rolling pulse of bass slides, glistening synth leads, strings, shuffled percussion and hi hats and a glossy arpeggio, the breakdown hits a crescendo and pitch riser that folds up into the main section which lets off a Progressive beats and bass workout that merges underground tendencies with almost Tech House-like euphoria in the melodic content.

Eerie vocals shower over the breaks where the sub-bass is given a rest before slamming back into the dark and dirty drop that would be right at home on the dancefloor in a giant space, filled with smoke, lasers and giant speakers –just the way we like it. This is an epic balance of deep and dirty dance music that fuses together elements from a variety of styles and sounds across the electronic music spectrum in a special RMA way that he has made his signature sound from.

It is another home run hit from RMA who just seems to be one of those Producers that always hit the mark. Every new production shows off an impeccable aptitude for electronic music creation and shines a light on this highly regarded talent. If RMA is not already on your radar –you will thank us later for the recommendation.

‘Feeling Strange’ is out now on 2Dutch Deep and is available on all good digital music streaming platforms and stores alike.