Rick St. Hilaire, a two-time Grammy-winning producer and engineer, is renowned for his meticulous approach to capturing the artistic essence in the recording studio. Best known for his work with Busta Rhymes, St. Hilaire has also contributed his expertise to iconic recordings for artists such as Alicia Keys, A Tribe Called Quest, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey. His minimalist signal chain philosophy is central to St. Hilaire’s technique, which has led him to favor the Lauten Audio LA-320 Large-diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone as a crucial component in achieving the ultimate vocal sound.


A Focused Approach to Capturing Vocals

St. Hilaire’s process is distinctly “old school,” emphasizing the importance of capturing the full emotional range of a performer’s vocals. He achieves this by creating clean, straightforward signal paths that authentically capture the artist’s personality and energy. According to St. Hilaire, the core sound must resonate with the artist during the performance, forming the foundation that can be later enhanced with processing and effects.

“Your job as the engineer is to capture the spirit of what’s going on and not let anything get in the way of that,” St. Hilaire explains. “You can always color it later with processing and effects, but the core sound needs to resonate with the artist as they are performing and bring them to the front of it.”

Mixing Emotional Colors

St. Hilaire likens selecting the right elements for the signal chain to mix paint colors. The goal is to supply the right emotional color and pigmentation to complement an artist’s unique voice and persona. This approach is critical to making a recording work, as the engineer must understand the elements in the chain that contribute to the desired sound.

“The artist is the one painting the picture, but as engineers we’re supplying the colors that flesh that picture out,” says St. Hilaire. “That’s the mission critical part of what we do and you have to have an intimate understanding of the elements in your chain that make that happen.”

Discovering the Lauten Audio LA-320

St. Hilaire first encountered Lauten Audio during recent sessions with Busta Rhymes. He was immediately impressed with the fidelity and tonal color of Lauten’s microphones, which added significant personality to the recordings. He noted that many modern microphones tend to be either overly clean or sound generic, but the Lauten Audio microphones struck a balance between clarity and character.

“A lot of modern microphones are either clean to the point of clinical or they sound super generic to my ears,” St. Hilaire explains. “As much as clarity is important to me, you still want to have some character coming from the microphone and then pair it to the artist to get the sound you want.”

St. Hilaire was particularly taken with the Lauten LA-320, which he has since incorporated into his studio vocal chains and mobile recording setup. He appreciates its combination of sound quality, features, and affordability, describing it as a game-changing microphone for any recording scenario.

“I was really desperate for something new to change my sound with, and the LA-320 came at exactly the right time for me,” he says. “It’s a ‘today’ microphone that has character and clarity, and it’s also got a split personality because of the tone switches – so you get variations on that great tube sound that can work for anything.”

The Lauten Audio LA-320 has become an indispensable tool for St. Hilaire, offering the perfect blend of clarity and character that he seeks in his recordings. Thanks to its tone switches, the microphone’s versatility allows for variations in the tube sound, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

“This microphone really saved my tush, and for kids coming up in the game it really destroys! You’re only as good as your tools in this business, and Lauten gave me the perfect tool for what I do with the LA-320.”

About Lauten Audio

Lauten Audio is a family-owned company that produces original, inspiring microphones. Their product lineup includes the flagship “Eden” tube microphone, the award-winning “Atlantis” FET condenser microphone, the “Synergy Series” of noise-rejecting condenser microphones, and the new Series Black family of condenser microphones. Lauten Audio microphones are used in studios, on stages, and in homes worldwide, trusted by a diverse family of users.


Rick St. Hilaire’s dedication to capturing the true essence of an artist’s performance is evident in his careful selection of equipment and signal paths. The Lauten Audio LA-320 Large-diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone has become a vital part of his toolkit, offering the clarity and character needed to bring out the best in vocal recordings. As St. Hilaire continues to work with top artists and create hit records, his approach and choice of tools will undoubtedly influence aspiring engineers and producers in their quest for the perfect sound.

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