Richie Hawtin, a renowned DJ and electronic music pioneer, has partnered with Epidemic Sound to mentor a group of emerging artists. This partnership is set to kick off in the second quarter of 2024. Epidemic Sound, known for its innovative music licensing and distribution approach, aims to support its artists through this collaboration.

Hawtin will mentor four artists from Epidemic Sound: dreem, The Yard Woman, Hampus Naeselius, and Maya Lourenço. He will offer feedback on their tracks and guidance on their music careers, artistic development, and release strategies. This partnership highlights the shared commitment of Hawtin and Epidemic Sound to foster creative innovation in the music industry.

The Mentorship Program With Richie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin will mentor four artists from Epidemic Sound, each bringing a unique approach to electronic music. Dreem, also known as Mio Marberger, blends genres like trap, pop, indie, and post-punk. This eclectic mix creates a dynamic sound that promises to benefit from Hawtin’s guidance. The Yard Woman, a Greek-born and London-based artist, draws inspiration from pop, rock, and world music to create her unique electronic tracks. Hawtin’s experience and innovative techniques will help her further refine her sound.

Hampus Naeselius combines electronic elements with classical music to produce epic compositions for film, television, and advertising. His work will likely gain new dimensions through his collaboration with Hawtin. Maya Lourenço, known as Parallax Deep and Blue Saga, is celebrated for her experimental soundscapes and innovative use of technology. Working with Hawtin, Lourenço can push the boundaries of her creativity even further.


Why This Partnership With Richie Hawtin Matters

Epidemic Sound and Richie Hawtin share a vision for creative innovation in the music industry. Hawtin’s influence on electronic music spans decades, from his early days in Detroit’s techno scene to his role in pioneering digital DJing. His insights and experience make him an ideal mentor for Epidemic Sound’s artists. Hawtin’s role will involve offering practical advice on artistic development, release strategies, and career growth.

Epidemic Sound’s innovative approach to music licensing has already made significant strides in the industry. By providing a platform for artists to distribute their music at scale, Epidemic Sound allows them to make a living in the industry while maintaining creative freedom. The company’s remuneration model includes a 50/50 streaming royalty split, fixed fees per track, and a portion of a SEK 30 million soundtrack bonus. This model ensures that artists are fairly compensated for their work.


What is the main goal of Richie Hawtin’s mentorship program with Epidemic Sound? Richie Hawtin aims to guide four emerging artists in their music careers, offering feedback on their tracks and advice on artistic development and release strategies.

Who are the artists being mentored by Richie Hawtin? The artists include dreem, The Yard Woman, Hampus Naeselius, and Maya Lourenço.

How does Epidemic Sound support its artists financially? Epidemic Sound offers a 50/50 streaming royalty split, fixed fees per track, and a portion of a SEK 30 million soundtrack bonus.

What makes this partnership significant in the music industry? This partnership combines Hawtin’s extensive experience and innovative approach with Epidemic Sound’s platform and support, fostering creative innovation and helping emerging artists grow their careers.


Richie Hawtin’s partnership with Epidemic Sound represents a significant step forward in supporting emerging talent in the electronic music industry. By mentoring artists like dreem, The Yard Woman, Hampus Naeselius, and Maya Lourenço, Hawtin will help them navigate their careers and enhance their creative development. This collaboration underscores the importance of innovation and mentorship in the music industry, promising exciting developments for both the artists involved and the broader music community.

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