Opia Records is establishing itself more and more with every release, and now they do so again with a new single from Dandi & Ugo. It features remixes by Konstantin Yoodza and Jill Bellac & ASI and makes for an absorbing techno journey that will surely find its way into many top record bags.


Dandi & Ugo are Italians and they also run a label of their own, Italo Business. Together they have more than ten years experience behind them and have worked with labels like Great Stuff. For their one single here they serve up a pounding techno groove that burrows long into the night. It has icy hi hats and tooting horn sounds next to the groove and really will own on dance floors. Jill Bellac & A.S.I. then step and flip the cut into something a little more house based, fun and playful, with colourful melodies and freaky vocals adding lot of great pressure. Last but not least, Konstantin Yoodza then gets all textured and dark on his version, layering in extra synths and some real dead of night tension. Overall then this is a killer EP that really is needed in your life.


Totally Indigestible is out now and available here…


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