Ever since announcing his techno alias Testpilot, Joel Zimmerman has had fans drooling. Better known as Deadmau5, the Canadian DJ and producer usually delivers a progressive house sound. But when the ears come off and he shoulders the techno mantle, brilliant things happen. Attendees at the second weekend of Electric Forest got to witness two hours of this magic. And now you can too, thanks to a dedicated fan with the YouTube user name Anna B.

Thanks to Anna we have almost the entire Testpilot set recorded live. Although she missed the “first 8 minutes” who could have any ill will towards such good Samaritan. While most of us would be dancing our pants off, Anna’s willpower is a reason for us all to rejoice.

You can watch nearly two hours of Testpilot live in the video below. Whether you’re reliving some of the best techno of the summer or experiencing it for the first time, you won’t be disappointed. Once again, the head of the Mau5trap label proves he is a force to be reckoned with.