Dutch house producer Siëndo is quickly making a name for himself in the electronic dance music scene. With a relentless drive to light up dancefloors, his funky and infectious sets have already earned him a loyal following in his hometown of Rotterdam. Known for his seamless blend of chart-topping house heaters and occasional throwbacks (which he often remixes and flips into his own versions in his own home studio), Siëndo’s allnighter performances are becoming legendary for their ability to create unforgettable musical experiences.

Siëndo’s rise from local talent to a recognized name on the European festival circuit is marked by his commitment to crafting tracks that resonate with dance music enthusiasts. His recent performances in both Holland and Spain have showcased his ability to connect with diverse audiences and his packed schedule hints at a promising future. Siëndo’s dedication to his craft and his knack for producing tracks that hit just right on any dancefloor make him a compelling artist to watch.

In this interview, Siëndo discusses his creative process, the influences that shape his sound, and his approach to engaging with fans. He shares insights into how his Dutch cultural roots influence his music and how he leverages social media to build a community around his work. Siëndo’s passion for making people dance is palpable, and his thoughtful reflections on his journey offer a deeper understanding of the artist behind the music.

Can you describe the creative process for “Dance With Me”?

After I released ‘Gonna Be’ in April I was honestly unsatisfied with the outcome and our process. Since ‘Gonna Be’ was a cover I feel like we aimed too much for creating a more commercial dance hit than on making a cool dance track that is irresistible for the dancefloor.

Because that is the kind of music I want to release, Dance tracks that almost fit every dancefloor at any time at any place. One of my friends came up with the idea for this track and sent a demo to me with the vocals and I was immediately in love with the vocals.

It’s short but powerful and simple but exactly enough for what we could use in a Dance track. I wanted to create something which was more like ‘The Groove’  rather than ‘Gonna Be’. 

Who are your biggest musical influences and how have they shaped your sound?

I love this question but think my answer differs from most artists’.

Since I started as a DJ and before releasing music I wanted to release music that would fit in my DJ sets and fit into my DJ style. With that being said I think I am more influenced by DJs and their DJ sets than artists and their productions. Even though I am still working on this I have some artists that influence my sound for my releases and my sets as a DJ.

Number one is James Hype for sure. He brings so much energy into his sets and releases what really awakes the DJ within me. Besides that I am also really looking up to FISHER, Mr Belt & Wezol and Wedamnz who all create such amazing energy when they play their sets. That energy is exactly what I want to translate into my releases.

How do cultural influences play a role in your music?

Since I am from The Netherlands our Dance culture is of course a big influence on my music. Dancing is one of the key elements of my releases and that fits right into our culture.

Besides that The Netherlands is known for all of its good DJs it is also the land of the festivals. Every summer there are so many festivals and the numbers keep growing every year. This motivates me and my music a lot so one day my music will be played at the biggest festivals in the country and I am playing there myself of course. 

How do you engage with your fans and build a community around your music?

I play regularly in some bars near my hometown and since I have been doing that I get more and more people who follow me and also check out my music. I always try to slip in one of my releases or remixes so they also hear them on the dancefloor. Besides that I am experimenting a lot with social media, mainly Instagram and TikTok. My Instagram is building slowly but surely but TikTok has been blowing up since last week. I have a funny concept which is ‘When your roommate is a DJ’.

This is basically me and my roommate (also me) who both react to a song, remix or mashup which people seem to like a lot. Combining my followers on my socials and the people who come and watch me at my shows I am trying to create a community that just loves good dance music and enjoys the energy that releases when we dance.

What do you want listeners to take away from your music?

The most important thing is that my music makes people dance. No matter if you are at a party, in your car or at work, this music makes you move and brings up that spark of joy when you’re dancing.

That is also why I use the quote, We Just Love To Dance. Because it’s true. Everybody likes to dance and when we dance we get a certain energy. In my opinion that is one of the best feelings there is in life.

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