Palestine-based station Radio AlHara is starting a three-day broadcast tomorrow, July 8, protesting against the annexation of the West Bank proposed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

A number of local and international DJs are set to broadcast audio transmissions during the marathon session, including Elias Anastas and Saeed Abu-Jaber (aka Slippery Johnson) who co-founded the station alongside Yousef Anastas, Mothanna Hussein and Yazan Khalili.

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Further sets will come from the likes of Ben UFO, Mykki Blanco, Shirine Saad, The Mango Thief, Deena Abdelwahed, Tawfiq Haddad, Jamie XX, Kampire, Rami Khalife, Sarra Wild, Cami Layé Okún, and more.

Radio AlHara says the broadcast is “triggered by the proposed annexation of part of the West Bank”. It additionally notes that: “While this 72-hour event arises from events in Palestine, it addresses the anger of populations worldwide and aims to unite struggles against injustice and occupation, while acknowledging the specificity of each case.”

Israel has occupied the West Bank since 1967 and claims the territory is disputed. Around 430,000 Israeli settlers and civilians reside in the West Bank, and are subject to Israeli civilian law. Between 2 to 3 million Palestinian Arabs live in the West Bank, where they are subject to military law.

President Netanyahu’s proposed plans could see the application of Israeli sovereignty to areas of the West Bank containing Israeli settlements and the Jordan Valley, which could result in up to 30 per cent of the land and 4.5 per cent of the Palestinian population in the West Bank taken into annexed areas.

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In a statement to Mixmag, Moe Choucair, a resident, contributor and programmer of special events for Radio AlHara, says: “We are protesting the illegal Israeli military advancements in the West Bank. The Radio itself transmits from Bethlehem and livelihoods in millions are once again massively in danger.”

Regarding how the line-up came together, he said: “If you promote shows in the region, the subject is often unavoidable with international guests who want to understand the conflict better or are deeply committed to the cause. Personally I reached out to some of the artists who’ve already been vocal about their support. We prioritized regional artists in our programming and long time contributors, but this is also an international concern so we opened the line-up to household names we admire and see eye to eye with.

He added: “This struggle outlives most careers on the line-up and the team is trying to highlight the injustice in Palestine to anybody that is listening.”

Tune into the broadcast at See the full schedule below.

Radio AlHara organises three-day protest against proposed Israeli annexation of the West Bank
Radio AlHara organises three-day protest against proposed Israeli annexation of the West Bank
Radio AlHara organises three-day protest against proposed Israeli annexation of the West Bank

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