With only a year of releases under his belt, Portland’s own QUIET BISON has already established himself as a formidable artist to watch. Following the release of his debut EP Trials & Tribulations and his sophomore extended play Sequence, the innovator returns to stun listeners with his third EP NIGHTFALL. A fine testament to creation after dusk, the 7-track effort is a fearless triumph that manipulates uncharted sound-design.


The EP is a mansion with echoing hallways of experimental production and innovative accents. “Spectral Range,” the second track from the project, boasts a unique ebb and flow that stands out as the most rhythmically-sound number from NIGHTFALL. Between syncopated breakbeats and experimental cadences, this QUIET BISON original stands as a touchstone release for the 18-year-old’s career. A staggering success, NIGHTFALL is overwhelmingly impressive and masterfully crafted.

I got the idea for this EP when I was on a late night drive and felt that I needed music to keep me awake through the trip. I’m usually a night owl anyways, so a lot of this EP was written at night or just as the sun was rising while I was sleep deprived and a little out of it.” – QUIET BISON