Little is known about the enigmatic PURGE. Allowing his art to speak for itself, the mysterious bass producer broke ground with his debut release “Feel Your Love” Skrillex’s imprint NEST HQ. Following the compelling 2016 debut, the visionary has received notable acclaim from world renowned producers by the likes of Marshmello, DJ Snake, Adventure Club, Slander, Krewella, and San Holo, just to name a few. His conceptual vision and impeccable sound design inked deals with labels like Insomniac Records, Firepower Records, Elysian, Bitbird, and most recently Dim Mak. Powerful performances at EDC Orlando, EDC Las Vegas, and Okeechobee solidified his position as a power player in the electronic music industry. Miami’s electro-pop pioneer DEIV teams up with PURGE on their co-write, “Never Let This Go.” Offering his crystal cool vocals as a gift to the brilliant, moving production, DEIV’s influence on the tender feat is unmistakable. At the age of 23, DEIV started his own media company, Efileno Arts And Media. since then, he's been directing music videos all over the country. Two incredible talents join forces to reveal the most profound symptoms of the human condition in this hauntingly beautiful music video.


“I’ve always set out to do more than just music. Music has always been the platform for me to have a voice and to bring awareness to social issues and especially mental health. This video and song are the first of many projects that I want to express awareness of mental health and other social issues that everyday people go through. The initial reaction we got from the video was that it was pretty hard to watch but that’s the reality of people’s lives. It’s something I went through when I was younger and it’s something I’m extremely passionate about spreading awareness about. Our goal is to reach at least one person and help at least one person struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts.”PURGE

“I wrote and recorded this song in one night. One of those days when you're really feeling what you're writing. I had a family member that had gone through a terrible accident and almost cost him his life, but right before that he was going through so much, this was the culmination of years of suffering from different things. I wrote this song to let him know that things were going to get better, to not give up, and to know that no matter what I wasn't giving up on him. I just hope this video can at least reach one person, if we can help just a single person, our mission was a success. For those reading this, I want you to know that life does get better, I'm not sure what you're going through, and I can't tell you I've been there, but know that there are a ton of humans that love you unconditionally, and that together we can get through the hardest of times.”DEIV