Staying true to his hometown Austin, Texas’s moto, “Keep Austin Weird” Psymbionic has been producing earth shaking bass music and pioneering new soundscapes. Now his color of sound is being added to a lot of artists palets, giving their sets a unique edge. Many artists that love his work had to add their touch to singles off his recent full length album, Carbon Based Lifeform on Gravitas Recordings. Carbon Based Lifeform Remixed hosts a unique group of 12 talented producers who have transformed a track into their own.

Carbon Based Lifeform Remixed is a true sign of respect to Psymbionic’s groundbreaking music with out-of-the-box sound designs.

Psymbionic Keeps Austin Weird with Gravitas Recordings


Akosmo and sesamii, two producers who earned a spot from winning Gravitas Create and Psymbionic’s official Carbon Based Lifeform remix competition, are joined by Stylust, Lucchii, Toadface, Sumthin Sumthin, Megan Hamilton, COFRESI, Prismatic, Synergy Sound, AHEE, and Psylla to bring this remix album to life. Considering each producer is known for their own unique sound and style, it is expected that each track offers a unique twist on the original genre-blended masterpiece.

Bass enthusiasts will find themselves captivated through the various styles.

Although inspired from the same source material, Toadface’s experimental sound design and sesamii’s hard hitting bass frequencies individualize themselves in their respective remixes of “Hypnotoad.” Synergy Sound delivers a future bass twist to “Homesick,” while COFRESI and Akosmo incorporates a satisfying bass punch. In “City Pages,” Megan Hamilton integrates her signature groove within the bubbly soundscape, while Psylla’s remix bridges melodic music and dubstep together towards the “Edge of the Earth.” This album definitely stands out amongst others in its genre and presents a unique electronic twist that any bass head is sure to love. Be sure to pick up these downloads s they come at a “Name Your Price” rate.

Take a listen to Psymbionic in the mix while you find out when he is in town.

Psymbionic Keeps Austin Weird with Gravitas Recordings

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