Electronic luminary Max Hype AKA Protohype is a spitfire producer whose work relentlessly pushes the boundaries of dance music. A staple in the bass atmosphere, Protohype is back with his wicked new cut “See The Light Again” featuring topline starlet Meredith Bull. This blissfully haunting single is out on his own label Underdog Records.

Combining ingenious progressions with thunderous percussive elements and roof toppling bass lines, Protohype’s unique finesse is unlike any other artist in dance music. With over 100 original creations in his discography, and releases on labels like Firepower, SMOG, Spinnin’ Records, and more, it’s safe to say Protohype’s career has been a triumphant one. More recently, Protohype launched his self-curated label- Underdog Records. At the heels of the label’s latest release, Shanghai Doom’s EP Collision, Underdog is slated to drop their 11th release from none other than Protohype himself. “See The Light Again” is equal parts emotional and explosive, combining the feminine lyrical prose of Meredith Bull with warped dubstep-inspired drops. A glitchy and unforgettable joint that fits squarely into Protohype’s awe-inspiring catalog, “See The Light Again” is a mainstage relic. 

“This track is about all of the bad things that have happened during the last year. Now, with lockdown coming to an end, I just think we’ve all been through so much as a community that we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s step forward together and live life!” – Protohype