In celebration of World Wish Day taking place on April 29, Australian producer Wish I Was (aka tyDi) has teamed up with 18-year-old wish teenager Kara Kuper for a heartwarming and truly inspiring track, “Ready To Start.” “Ready To Start” is an anthem of encouragement, self confidence and strength to face whatever lays ahead. The song will serve as as the soundtrack for the new Make-A-Wish PSA as part of the 2019 World Wish Day campaign being celebrated throughout the month of April.

Kara Kuper's wish came true when Wish I Was flew her into Los Angeles from Chagrin, Ohio to work on the song together. Wish I Was scheduled time at Universal Music's record studio and enlisted the help of songwriters to truly make the song come alive. Being a big fan of Make-A-Wish, Wish I Was was extremely happy to make Kara’s dream come true. The fully completed song “Ready To Start” was then chosen  as the soundtrack for the new Make-A-Wish PSA as part of the 2019 World Wish Day campaign. 

Words truly can't describe just how incredible it feels to have granted this wish for Kara. I've always known about Make-A-Wish and the incredible work they do but never in my life did I think I'd be able to offer anything of worth for them, let alone granting a wish! So when I first heard that Kara's wish was to record in a professional studio I thought “wow, I can actually make that happen, how cool is that!”… The feeling was so awesome that it made me nervous! When Kara arrived in LA she showed up with so much confidence, talent and a charismatic personality! I immediately felt this connection that I only get from the special artists who've worked with me for a long time. We recorded a lot of different ideas, and all of them were amazingly beautiful, especially this song ‘Ready To Start'. It's a song about hope, bravery and thinking about all the amazing things you want to do when you grow up. ‘Ready To Start' is about standing up proud, being strong, fighting fears and having the courage to just be who you are. To love and believe in yourself.” – Wish I Was says

World Wish Day helps bring attention to the significant role a wish plays in a child’s medical treatment. Research shows that a wish can help kids build the physical and emotional strength they need to fight a critical illness– an eye-opening finding in light of the fact that Make-A-Wish is currently only able to reach one out of every two potentially eligible children in the U.S. Wishes are an important part of a child’s medical treatment. They can give kids the strength to fight, to get better. For more information about World Wish Day, visit For more information about this project please reach out to Justin Kleinfeld at rephlektor inkorporated.