Previously unreleased Prince track 'Cosmic Day' has been released.

'Cosmic Day', originally recorded in November 1986, will come out as part of the 13-LP 'Sign O' The Times' reissue. This comes out on September 25 and will feature 45 unreleased studio tracks from Prince.

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Prince's estate has also shared an image of the handwritten lyrics for 'Cosmic Day'. Lyrics like this will appear in a 120-page book as part of the 'Sign O' The Times' reissue package, along with linear notes by the likes of Lenny Kravitz and Dave Chappelle.

The 'Sign O' The Times' reissue will also include a recording of a 1987 live show in the Netherlands and Prince's Paisley Park New Year's Eve 1987 concert.

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Listen to 'Cosmic Day' below.

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