I've been following the label Pond Life Party for quite some time now and it gives me a great sense of gratitude to know that they've asked us to premiere one of the tracks from their forthcoming 6 Years of Pondlife EP . The label solely deals with nothing but underground music switching through various genres as each release goes out to the public.

The man behind the scenes, pulling all the strings is of course D...D..D..D...Daseplate, a sick producer & DJ. Some even refer to him as the Del Boy of the scene, as he doesn't just run Pond Life, he also deals in the selling of various material objects & equipment via his mobile carboot / delivery service, "Daseplate Discounts." 

Well, what can we say about this release? Celebrating 6 years of Pondlife, they haven't held back, the label has come correct with each and every track. They've also kept things running at around 140 BPM for each production featured on the EP, which is my kind of release. 

They've included all manners of weight from glitchy halftime dubstep, to the more conventional, minimal, stripped back 140. We were kindly asked to premiere one of the tracks from the release and we chose "Tripod" by WZ. Have a listen below and see what you think.

Premiere: WZ - Tripod (PONDLIFE011)

This ones an eerie, dark, steppa's tune, perfect for in the dance. I've been a fan of WZ since I first heard of him over two to three years ago. His style is very versatile being able to make a variety of dubstep textures. 

This ones no different, It's hella atmospheric and constantly evolves throughout the production. Some of WZ's projects are heavily influenced by hip-hop and you can hear that on this track, it gives yet another depth to this guy's music. Love this track and the entire release from Pond Life. 

Full release breakdown : 
- Vinyl, t-shirts, slipmats and A3 prints available April 25th @ 8pm via pondlifeparty.com 
- Limited run of 90 units, 12” transparent vinyl, hand numbered available April 25th
- Digitals & streaming of full EP available April 30th
PONDLIFE011 vinyl tracklist:
1. Joedan - Double Tap
2. ALXZNDR - ???
3. Hilts - Lenger Riddim