Well then, after a brief break from releases over the last few months, (no thanks to covid), one of my favorite record labels Uprise Audio are back with a very dark release from the man like Unkey. I've been a fan of this guy's sound for quite a while now so I'm delighted to see he's secured a spot on UA's roster with an upcoming three track EP.

Unkey makes this stripped back sound that really resonates with my love for grime & dubstep. It's almost as if he makes dubstep but then his percussion, especially his claps + snares, are more grime orientated. Each track on this release is proper heavyweight and we are happy to premiere the track "Challenge," which is very much a dubstep vibe. You can listen too it below before it is released this Friday.

Premiere: Unkey - Challenge (UA042)

As you can tell, this one's lethal. It's starts in a haunting way, sampling some police interview. The track itself is dark, militant, head-bopping music, it's almost got a dungeon-esque sound to it at times but has been produced in such a unique way you don't really connect the dots. Unkey is another producer that uses space in a very special way and with this track you can see that. Really enjoying this one as well as the entire EP, which drops on April 30th via Uprise Audio.