Today, Magnetic brings you the exclusive premiere of drum & bass duo S9's stunning "Get It Right." The name is very fitting, as the whole track is excellent right from the get-go. The spacey and lush atmosphere that surrounds the twinkling melody creates an instant feeling of warmth and depth. The gritty but subtle bassline adds weight to the production, with the catchy vocal sample weaving in and out. Here's what the duo had to say about the track:

"Get It Right represents the journey through lifeʼs ups and downs, and that sometimes rather than getting it right, itʼs doing our best that matters most. Ironically, compared with our other productions, it has cost the most hours to ‘get it rightʼ. We really wanted to make sure that it could pump in the club, but also be suitable for easy-listening purposes. With the many elements spread across the stereo field, I found myself endlessly tweaking, waiting for something from within to say ‘it HAS to be this wayʼ. Now I love this track, but unfortunately that moment never really came, so in the end, I surrendered and remembered that the ‘Right Wayʼ will only ever exist in one's own head." - S9

"Get It Right" is available today via Rene La Vice's Device Recordings imprint. 

Track: Get It Right
Artist: S9
Label: Device
Format: Digital
Release Date: 1-22-2021