Jun Torii aka Monolithic is a Japan-born, New York based DJ and producer. He has lived in Frankfurt and Detroit, drawing on those influences in his music. Having built an initial following on Bandcamp, he has established himself with dreamy, nostalgic lo-fi house records. He also runs his own label Platonic Solids. He is releasing a new track this Friday, May 21 titled “It’s Okay To Feel That Way” that will be a part of Mineral Records’ upcoming compilation titled Ideal Rules.

“It’s Okay To Feel That Way” delivers on the dreamy lo-fi with soft pads that stir in the background like riding in the taxi across a bridge towards a big city as the lights slowly start to become more and more prominent. The chugging drums don’t overpower, but provide a nice groove, while some fluttering keys add melodic flare and some extra funk adds a little spice to the track. It is an exceptionally smooth track from start to finish for an eyes closed type of experience.

“’It’s Ok to Feel That Way’ is a lo-fi house groove that evokes the scene of an intimate conversation,” explains Monolithic. “Soft chords from a pad synth lay a warm, gentle foundation, allowing the melody to sing a message of acceptance. An M1 Organ takes center stage for a fleeting and subdued epiphany.”

"It’s Ok to Feel That Way" will be released this Friday, May 21 via Mineral Records. The entire Ideal Rules compilation will follow on May 26. The compilation includes tracks by Corbin Canvas, Jehan, Iya Ko, Paul Cut and others.