After a heavily anticipated release featuring Arkham Sound last month, the record label Badman Studios are back with yet another heavyweight release. This time they feature a four-track EP from Grawinkel where he explores very different dubstep sounds on each song. 

Grawinkel is a producer based in Germany and has released on various dubstep labels such as Artikal Music, Indigo Movement and Encrypted Audio. His versatile production style is what draws him to such labels. We are happy to premiere one of my favorite tracks from the release, "Appa," which you can listen too below.

Premiere: Grawinkel - Appa (BDMN015):

So this one's a proper journey. I love both string and brass samples, so if you build a track with both of them, you've got something I can properly vibe too. The intro starts in a dark, almost grimey way, nothing but cymbal crashes, tentative string plucks, and light brass sounds. On the drop, a huge sub comes rumbling into play and the brass becomes the main sample. However, you can still hear the strings in the background, which give the track a nice bounce. The entire release is out on June 18th, via Badman Studios.