Miami based, Venezuelan DJ E.R.N.E.S.T.O is back on Dirtybird with a new track “Caracas” named after his hometown. The song will be a part of the Dirtybird compilation Dirtybird Couchout that normally would beckon their Campout festival, but a global pandemic has nixed that event and every other one. Instead it is time to get raving from and on your couch.

The track is a effortless combination of Miami bass, house and Detroit electro with a gritty bassline pulsing underneath the record. Breaks, 808’s and spacey synths take over with a Spanish vocal exclaiming that the club is on fire (it can be your own home club) that helps to get the second drop under way with a dose of acid and another onslaught of drums.

This is a clubbing tour de force that makes you need to dance.

“'Caracas' is a track that brings together my love of Detroit Electro and Miami Bass. I've been working on finding the balance between grit and dynamics, ways to create warmth without sacrificing sub frequencies, and in this track everything came together,” explains E.R.N.E.S.T.O.

“Named after my hometown, 'Caracas' is built from the 808, the 303, and the Latin vocal, which translates to ‘it's 2 am, the club is on fire.’ I tried to replicate the grittiness of old Dance Mania records by using a small number of channels and bus processing through the Analog Heat.

I like to make my tracks feel as organic as possible, that's why I record full-length automation on most elements, this way you can feel the track evolve and progress, instead of loop.”

This track will arrive tomorrow on the Dirybird Couchout compilation that also has tunes from the bird king himself Claude VonStroke, VNSSA, Nikki Nair and others.

“I feel like I am part of this family and I hope to release a ton of records with them in the future,” says the Venezuelan.

Stream “Caracas” now and pre-order the compilation here.