Argentinian producer Dabow is expanding his musical offerings this Friday with his debut album Weird Music of All Kinds. After dozens of singles, remixes and EPs, it was time to settle into an album and the title exemplifies what came out of it. Fusing Latin music with electro and trap, he built an album that is frenetic and high energy. There have been a few singles released thus far and today we are happy to premiere another track from the LP titled “Go Mira.”

“Go Mira” is a self-described “underground bass experimental trap song” that comes with a heavy, punchy kick, a head-bopping and energetic drop and two vocal samples that work in tandem to create the “Go Mira” title. The last drop takes the song and twists it into another dimension to fit with the Weird Music of All Kinds album title.

This is the type of tune that big time festival DJs should be playing, but probably won’t because they are boring as hell and live by groupthink.

"'Go Mira' is just that vibey underground bass experimental trap song (yeah all that haha) that the album needed for me. It just made so much sense to have it in, and the 'G - GO' vocal fuses with the 'a ver mira' loop that goes in the back on the whole drop," explains Dabow. "So I was like, 'why not call it Go Mira?' and there it is. The last drop is just getting it as weird as possible, making tribute to Weird Music of All Kinds / WMOAK."

Weird Music Of All Kinds will arrive this Friday, June 25. Recordings for the LP took place in Patagonia and Buenos Aires. He collaborated with Good Times Ahead (GTA), Kali Sandoval, Midnght, and godspeed for the album.

Stream the track below and pre-order the LP here via Dome Of Doom.