UK producer duo Cousn will release their third EP of the year tomorrow, Movement on their label FAMLY Records. The EP comes with two slightly different tracks, “Round In Circles” and the title track “Movement” that we are happy to premiere for you today.

The title track kicks off with a gritty anger that we all have a bit of inside of us these days. Channeling some of that Prodigy-esge rave / big beats and lambasting drums, they craft a song that builds with gritty bass, a vocal imploring you to “move it, move yourself” and some serene synths floating on top. The drums were recorded by their drummer in one take, so it feels more live organic than some Splice sample pack, though there is nothing wrong with that.

"We recently made the big decision to move from Bristol to London. With all our belongings and the entire studio tied to the back of our mates pickup truck, we set off to the big smoke. In a flat without internet or any real furniture, we set up the studio and made the track ‘Movement.’ The drums were recorded first-take in the living room by our drummer, and new housemate Tom Williams,” explain Cousn. 

“Our inspiration for 'Movement' came from wanting to write something positive and dynamic which reminded us of being back on the dance floor. The world feels like it’s been put on pause, so here’s to pushing against the tide and always moving forwards."

Having moved from Bristol to East London this year, they are putting the finishing touches on five more releases for 2021 in what they hope will be another good year for them. They are also residents on Rinse FM.

Pre-order the EP on Beatport, Bandcamp and other places here.