We’re excited to announce the premiere of Discognition’s latest track on Magnetic Magazine’s SoundCloud page. This new release marks another step in Discogntion’s journey, showcasing a unique blend of cinematic pads, orchestral instrumentation, and breakbeat elements.

Discognition, known for his progressive house roots, is stepping outside his comfort zone by exploring the breaks. He maintains his signature cinematic style while incorporating new elements to create a fresh, organic sound. “The instrumentation here in this song is KEY. Without the natural orchestral-sounding instruments alongside the synths used, you would have a very progressive tune. I wanted to convey something a little more organic while remaining true to my progressive roots,” says Discognition.

Stream: Beije – Ecdysis (Discognition Remix)

Discognition hopes listeners will connect with the emotional depth of this track. “It’s a slow build into a nice bright energy. The breakdown is where I wanted the melodic elements to shine straight into a progressive style drop,” he explains. The artist is excited about the direction his music is taking, focusing on creating diverse and energetic DJ sets.

Fans can expect Discognition to continue exploring different genres and levels of energy. “I’m looking to create a journey in my DJ sets, and my productions need to reflect that,” he says. The artist’s commitment to pushing musical boundaries and connecting with his audience through music remains at the forefront of his work.

The Story Behind Discognition

Chad Vasquez, the talent behind Discognition, has been immersed in music for most of his life. His passion for electronic music began in high school and led him to study music theory in college. After attending his first DJ show in 2010, he decided to learn how to DJ and produce his own music.

Chad’s journey hasn’t been without challenges. He took a break from DJing between 2017 and 2019 to focus on other priorities. However, the COVID-19 pandemic allowed him to refocus on his music career and hone his skills. “The important thing is to just remember to stay true to your art and creativity. It’s easy to compare your journey to others, but it’s not always about the final result. The process is the most important part,” he says.

Achievements and Aspirations

Discognition has made a name for himself in the electronic dance music scene, with successful releases and notable performances. He has opened for major artists such as Nora En Pure, Lane 8, and Camelphat, and signed music to over 11 reputable record labels.

Discognition is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals and believes in the power of connecting people through music. “Whether that’s helping them learn how to make music, how to DJ, or even just being a good person and offering help when you can, will never go out of style,” he says.

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