Putting your art out into the world can ten be a terrifying moment, especially when you’re unsure how people will react or accept it. When Porter Robinson first released music as Virtual Self, it was a watershed moment in the producer’s career. So many fans were just interested in new Porter Robinson music, but he took a major (albeit calculated) risk and dropped nostalgia music under a new alias and rocked everything from the execution to the engagement.

In reflecting on the success the project’s music, specifically “Ghost Voices,” Porter tweeted, “from the beginning, i felt like i was making Virtual Self for myself and for a very small group people. so i can’t tell you how meaningful it is to see Ghost Voices getting played BBC Radio 1 almost every day sic].” He made sure to thank everyone who was instrumental in the song’s success, as well, from Annie Mac to Pete Tong.

He quickly followed that tweet up with another, hinting at a full Virtual Self tour in the UK/Europe sometime soon.

Virtual Self continues to pop up on lineups across the US, with the most recent one being EDC Las Vegas.


Photo Rukes.com