Polish DJ and Producer Drist has just released a new electronica masterpiece, “City Lights,” blending house and edm in just the perfect way. Perfectly fit for the dancefloors, this subtle track has all the ingredients to appeal to the connoisseurs of the genre, and beyond to all music lovers worldwide. Drist has been involved in the edm scene for many years, and after an almost decade long break, has come back stronger than ever to share his talent and make his contribution with the release of “City Lights,” the first track of many more to come. 

Since his comeback in 2019, he has released 6 tracks,  the latest topping the Beatport Dance Top 100 Charts and titled “Go With Me.” An artist to watch for closely in 2020, Drist’s strength lies in the way he uses progressive sounds, classic instruments such as piano and strings, giving his productions a deep house vibe set to conquer the loyalty of many listeners out there.