With 2019 drawing to a close, a trio of dance music's in-demand producers are teaming up for their final single of the year in “on the way,” out now Moving Castle. “on the way” was born out pluko and ilo ilo playing select dates together on Manila Killa’s 2019 spring and fall tours, and during their travels they had a chance to sit down and write the single. The chemistry and compatibility between the producers’ styles is evident, with ilo ilo explaining that “we write a lot of songs about heartbreak. This isn’t one of those songs. We wanted to find a cool way to bridge our three sonic worlds.” Initially what started as a session between Manila Killa and ilo ilo evolved into full blown collaboration between the three acts, taking shape in the form of single that Manila Killa claims “came together pretty quickly.” Taking time out of their busy individual schedules, pluko, Manila Killa and ilo ilo are looking to finish the year strong with “on the way.”