Ben Westbeech aka Breach may be best known for his 2014 single “Jack” that became a phenomenon overnight, including a video that was as wild as anything that year. Though he may not have hit the top 10 with new Breach tunes over the past six years, there has been a smattering of music that embraces his 80's, jazz and house influences. In February, he released his first EP under the Breach moniker since 2018 titled Sun Salutations.

The two-track EP is more meditative than upfront dancefloor energy. Reflecting the times of life at home, the two-tracker builds slowly. The title track brings in some breakbeats for a flurry of drums, fluttering synth and flute, while “New Horizons” is the sort of measured, deep and melodic house music that easily washes over you.

Given the name and direction of the project, we asked Breach to help us with a few sun salutations of our own. He prepped a new Yoga playlist of tracks to help meditate, get you flexible and in a clear mind. You will be able to lift your leg like Mimi, his cat pictured above, in no time.

1. Randall McClellan — Celestial Lake

Randall McClellan's healing music of rana - rana meaning sunbreath in Sanskrit. Perfect for a morning routine or any practice…

2. Precipitation - Meditations on the Self and the Other

A Meditation on the Self and the Other. I absolutely love this album. And I love the spoken word guide. It is a proper journey into the other! Best to sit still and listen.

3. Joanna Brouk - The Space Between

From 1981, the year I was born, this wonderful piece is from the album of the same name. Some Yin yoga is a great pairing to the album. I feel as if you can totally relax into yourself with this on.

4. Clouds 1 - Music For Relaxation

Another 1981 gem in the form of this celestial wonder. Craig Kupka on Folkway Records. I like a little more movement to this.

5. Constance Demby - At Alaron

A spacey saunter into the outer worlds with Constance Demby’s “At Aralon.” I listen to this a lot in the mornings usually to counter my monkey mind. Perfect for some chi gong or slow flow sessions.

6. Satoshi Ashikawa - Still Way (Wave Notation 2) †

The peace I find within myself from listening to this record is second to none. If you have an hour today to listen to this in shavasana, I would highly recommend it.

7. K. Leimer ‎- Music For Land And Water

Music for Land and Water. Connecting to the earth has never felt easier than with this in some headphones and your feet on the soil. Or if you're lucky enough, the sea. It’s a brain expansion.

8. Brian Eno - Compact Forest Proposal

When it comes to higher ways of composition, one cannot leave out Brian Eno. This was originally a composition for San Francisco museum of modern art but is great for an afternoon flow or a connection to your higher self!

9. Jon Gibson — Two Solo Pieces

These pieces by Jon Gibson transcend me to a different place altogether and a lovely addition to any practice. Movement is not essential!

10. The Ultimate New Age Experience - Celestial Echoes

If it's from the 80’s and has the word celestial in the title I’m usually game! I love getting caught on the cosmic waves of this. Hopefully you can catch that same wave….