Pioneer DJ has presented its new six-channel mixer, the DJM-V10, which has an early February release date.

The £3,199 unit is the first to feature six audio channels since the 19-inch DJM-1000 released in 2003.

Features of the mixer include master isolators, four band EQs, per channel compressors, a send and FX return unit and individual channel filters.

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Booth EQ will allow users to adjust monitor output from behind the decks and two sets of headphone cue outputs will give access to DJs for independent cueing.

Other bonus features include a new shimmer beat effect and Pioneer DJ has promised even better sound quality.

Pioneer DJ said: “Studio-quality 64-bit mixing and dithering processing, 32-bit high-quality A/D and D/A converters, a low-jitter clock circuit, and many other components all work to produce a full low-end, vibrant mids, and precise highs,” says Pioneer DJ.

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The DJM-V10 has built-in support at launch to work with different devices, apps and services such as Rekordbox, Traktor Pro 3, Serato DJ Pro, iPad app RMX-1000, DJM-REC app on iOS and Pro DJ Link ShowKontrol.

The DJ tech company added: “This enables DJs, technical producers, LJs, and VJs to use all the important information from the DJM-V10, such as actual fader and knob positions, to effectively align sound and visuals and create shows that blow audiences away."

Claude Von Stroke has praised the mixer on Twitter, writing: "Someone finally listened to me! #1 Booth EQ! No more terrible monitors blowing up my ears on the treble. I just got 5 more years on my DJ career!"

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