Pinegrove have re-released their track ‘Need 2’, following a viral dance trend taking TikTok by storm.

The track is taken from the indie rockers’ back catalogue, and dates back to 2014 when it was featured on the band’s compilation album ‘Everything So Far’.

Nearly a decade since it was first released, the song has been making the rounds on social media, and has popped up as a new viral trend taking TikTok by storm. According to Mashable, the sudden resurgence of popularity in the track can be traced back to a user called @GarrettLee39, who uploaded footage of himself dancing to the song online.

Uploaded last week, the song — as well as the flailing dance moves — have since taken off, and countless other users have shared videos of themselves recreating the moves too.


Pine muthafreakin grove

♬ Need 2 – Pinegrove

Not only has the new trend managed to catch the attention of the band, but the members are already making the most out of their new-found popularity online — re-releasing ‘Need 2’ as a standalone EP.

“Thank you for doing the pinegrove shuffle,” wrote frontman Evan Stephens Hall in a recent Instagram post, acknowledging the hit new dance craze.

The band have also capitalised on the trend further and released three other variations of the 2014 song: ‘Slow Pinegrove’, ‘Fast Pinegrove’ and ‘Hyperspeed Pinegrove’. Check them out below.

Earlier this year, Pinegrove confirmed that they will be going on an indefinite hiatus and running the band “on a more casual basis”. The announcement came following the departure of co-founder and drummer Zack Levine.

“Pinegrove is not over, but it seems this era is,” wrote the singer in a post online.

“After a lot of touring in ’22 you may have noticed we’ve been taking some time to regroup. In the midst of this, our drummer & ultimate bud Zack has decided his time with PG has come to a close,” Hall wrote. “We know this wasn’t an easy decision for him & we support him 100 per cent.”

Levine founded Pinegrove with Hall in 2010 and has performed with the band throughout multiple line-up changes since then. Following his split from the line-up, the remaining members have announced that they will each be focusing on different side projects.

Pinegrove, 2021. Credit: Balarama Heller.

The band’s most recent album was their fifth full-length LP ‘11:11′, from 2022. Prior to that, in 2017, the band took a year-long hiatus after Hall acknowledged he’d been accused of “sexual coercion” by someone he “was involved with for a short but intense period of time”.

Hall later revealed that he came to a private resolution with an alleged victim via a mediator later that year. The victim also asked the band to take a year off touring and for Hall to enter into therapy.

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