This week, Pinch announced the upcoming release of ‘Reality Tunnels’, his first solo full-length release in thirteen years. It will be released Pinch’s own Tectonic imprint on June 19.

‘Reality Tunnels’ also features collaborations with Trim, Killa P, Emika, Inezi and folk outfit Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children.

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To help us celebrate the news, Pinch has released his single ‘Accelerated Culture’ from the forthcoming album. It’s classic Pinch techno at its finest: throbbing percussion held up with a drilling hi-hat sound and an otherworldly cascading synth line.

Watch the video for ‘Accelerated Culture’ below, and preorder ‘Reality Tunnels’ here.

Track list:

1. ‘Entangled Particles’ feat. Emika

2. ‘All Man Got’ feat. Trim

3. ‘Accelerated Culture’

4. ‘Returnity’

5. ‘Finding Space’

6. ‘Party’ feat. Killa P

7. ‘Back to Beyond’

8. ‘Change Is A Must’ feat. Inezi

9. ‘Non-Terrestrial Forms’

10. ‘The Last One’ feat. Nive Nielson & The Deer Children

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