Over the past year, Puppet has been hard at work mastering his sound and giving us timeless pieces including “Answer” and “The Fire.” While being hard at work on an EP, Pierce Fulton contacted the Monstercat artist and thus was born “Boy and The Beast.” It’s not a Disney movie though; it’s a track diving into the existentialism of the new progressive sound, stretching the imaginations of both producers and listeners alike. Listen to it below.

Pierce Fulton & Puppet – Boy and The Beast

The two producers step into the cinematic with a 30 second intro which has the “feels” written all over it. The footsteps in the snow, the ice-cold breath… if you needed something to take your breath away, you’re in the right place. The track builds with each footstep before Puppet and Pierce Fulton smash our ears with heavy electronic chords resembling Nero’s “Fugue State” from Welcome Reality. This is a big step away from the norm of both artists, but with my love for Nero and heavy music, this fits perfectly with my style.

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While many comments fill the first drop with “I wasn’t ready,” “THAT DROP DOE” to “that drop hits hard like fallout 4,” the second drop is by far my favorite. Switching from the “Fugue State” -esque electro sound, the duo spins a beautiful progressive uplifting melody into the mix sending this straight to the dance floor. You want a crowd to jump with their hands in the air as they stare at fantastic visuals? Spin this into your mix.

Pierce Fulton took notice of Puppet’s progressive style and wanted to challenge him to expand past the major keys his music has been in since the beginning:

“Our song “Boy and the Beast” sort of started as a fun little test because I remember sending the idea to Brendan and I was like “I challenge you to work with me on something in a minor key”. As many of you know, a lot of Puppet’s music is very major and very uplifting so when we developed this dark and intense song together we had such a crazy time diving into a sound neither of us had really explored before.”

What I love is that even though Pierce challenged Puppet to create something different, Pierce himself explored music that he hadn’t made either. Many people forget that artists want to experiment, try new things, sounds, styles, etc. and this is what collaborations are great for.

You can purchase “Boy and The Beast” now from iTunes, Beatport and Bandcamp. Keep track of both artists on social media and watch out for Puppet’s EP coming out in 2016. Follow Monstercat for new music from the label and check out Only The Beat for your latest electronic music news.

Pierce Fulton: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
Puppet: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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