Pasquale Rotella Previews Big Changes Coming to Insomniac for 2018

Insomniac boss Pasquale Rotella seems to be a fan transparency. In a recent Facebook post, Rotella announced some exciting developments coming from Insomniac. Anyone who’s a fan Electric Daisy Carnival, stage designs, new nightclubs, and traveling the world will love what Rotella had to say. Here are some key points from Rotella’s post:

  • New logo for Insomniac’s 25th Anniversary
  • New and improved festival websites- EDC Vegas, EDC Japan, and Beyond Wonderland
  • Brand new stage designs for kineticFIELD, circuitGROUNDS, neonGARDEN, bassPOD, and quantumVALLEY
  • Upcoming updates on Camp EDC including activities, amenities, and a full map
  • In addition to EDC Japan and EDC China, more international EDC’s
  • New Insomniac night club in Los Angeles called ACADEMY

2018 is shaping up to be a monster year for Insomniac. Hopefully Pasquale Rotella’s Facebook post is a sign good things to come for Insomniac and its fans. You can read Rotella’s full Facebook post .