A new report has revealed that over 100 independent nightclubs across the UK have been forced to close down over the past year.

The data was shared by the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), and collected as part of a new report from CGA Neilson. According to the figures, nightclubs across the UK have been heavily hit over the past three years, with 30 per cent closing their doors permanently since June 2020.

It also revealed that while 30 per cent have closed over the past three years, 12 per cent of those took place during the past 12 months alone, which is equal to over 100 nightclubs across the country.

As per the report, the Midlands and North have been hardest hit areas, and some key independent businesses have been lost too. All of which, it says, “play a significant role in supporting the wider The Night Time economy which generates £112 billion in revenue per annum (6% of the UK’s total).”

The concerning decline of these live venues is predicted to be largely due to the ongoing cost of living crisis and rising energy costs. The site also names “workforce challenges, supply chain, increased insurance premiums, landlord pressures and product cost increases” as taking a toll, as well as consumers having less disposable income.

a crowd watching a band at The Venue in Derby
The Venue, Derby. CREDIT: Paul W Dixon/ The Venue

Discussing the current climate, NTIA’s Michael Kill said that it seems likely that the situation for UK nightclubs will likely get worse before they start to see improvements.

“The recent figures from CGA Neilson are extremely alarming, and if taken back to 2019 show an even more dramatic picture for these businesses, with losses nearer 40 per cent,” he said. “These businesses are facing some critical challenges, with many not knowing whether they will survive over the coming months.”

“We have constantly highlighted to the Government the concerns around these businesses, particularly independent venues,” he continued. “Without further support, we may lose many more of these businesses before the end of the year.”

This follows news that, earlier this year, the NTIA claimed that the government was “intentionally” closing down nightclubs and venues across the country.

Venues forced to close their doors since the start of last year include famous Surrey Quays venue Printworks, Brick Lane’s Werkhaus and Newham’s The Cause.

Aphex Twin at Printworks
Aphex Twin at Printworks. CREDIT: Getty

Earlier this month, news arrived that the UK nightlife industry had been left feeling frustrated over newly-increased alcohol duty and drink prices.

Tax hikes of up to 20 per cent were enforced under a plan brought in by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt.

This included packaged beer bottles and cans being left likely to increase by 10 per cent, wine rising by approximately 44p a bottle, and Gin and vodka going up by around 90p.

Following the announcement, the NTIA urged the government to reconsider “this detrimental action and engage in meaningful dialogue with industry representatives to understand the far-reaching consequences of this decision”.

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