Ookay Releases Groovy New Original Track 'Cool'

 Ookay – COOL

Ookay releases an extremely groovy new track titled, ‘COOL‘. The Cailfornia based producer uses influences from the 80’s in this song and combines his expertise for EDM to create something honest and original. He also shows an incredible amount appreciation for his fans during the making the music video for ‘COOL’, and even uses footage from his WOW! COOL! tour for the entire video. This new track is unlike anything released this year so far and is definitely a great start to the year for Ookay.

‘COOL’ is like a blast to the past and will have you feeling funky and ready to skip and clap to the beat. Its melody is comparable to the feeling roller skating down the boardwalk on a warm summer day in California. The cheerful vocals speak to the dancer in all us, and will have you singing by the end the first minute, “You’ll never be too cool to dance”. Try to have a bad day after listening to this song. Enjoy the latest masterpiece by Ookay below.