On June 14, 2024, Los Angeles-based composer and electronic producer Omniboi releases his highly anticipated EP, ‘Obscura.’ Following the success of his December 2023 EP ‘Panorama,’ Omniboi presents a five-track journey that delves into themes of perspective and clarity. Known for his eclectic blend of funk, electronica, and soul, Omniboi continues to push the boundaries of his unique sound. The new EP comes on the heels of Omniboi winning a Peabody Award for scoring the interactive video game ‘We Are OFK,’ further cementing his reputation as a versatile and innovative artist.

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Themes of Clarity and Confusion

‘Panorama’ and ‘Obscura’ represent two sides of the same coin, each exploring different aspects of perspective-taking. While ‘Panorama’ focuses on individuals who have achieved clarity, as highlighted in the track “Omni-Vision,” ‘Obscura’ addresses those struggling to find it. The lead single, “Blind & Folded,” touches on confirmation bias and echo chambers, suggesting that sometimes the “blindfolds” we wear are self-imposed. This theme is visually represented by the blurred lines on the EP’s cover, symbolizing the struggle to see clearly.

Omniboi’s ability to blend his expert keyboard skills with a playful mix of funk, electronica, and soul is a testament to his diverse musical influences. Growing up in Arizona, where many major bands skipped over on their tours, Omniboi was driven to the fringes of the music scene, attending warehouse and desert raves. These experiences shaped his distinctive sound, which he describes as “kawaii future bass mixed with jazztronica,” heavily influenced by Far Eastern music.

A Unique Sound and Style

Omniboi’s sound is a unique fusion that captures the essence of various genres while maintaining a fresh and innovative edge. His live performances, including a tour with alternative R&B artist Ehiorobo, showcase his ability to captivate audiences with his energetic and eclectic style. The tour, which included stops at NY’s Public Records and LA’s Resident, highlighted Omniboi’s growing popularity and his ability to engage with diverse audiences.

Obscura’ features tracks that could easily find a place in video games, game shows, or even karaoke sessions, showcasing Omniboi’s versatility as an artist. Each track offers a different experience, inviting listeners to explore the varying moods and themes present in the EP. From the upbeat rhythms of “Do Si Do” to the introspective tones of “Blind & Folded,” ‘Obscura’ is a testament to Omniboi’s creative prowess and his ability to craft compelling narratives through music.

FAQs about Omniboi and ‘Obscura’

  • Who is Omniboi? Omniboi is a Los Angeles-based composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist known for his unique blend of funk, electronica, and soul. He gained prominence during the SoundCloud era and has continued to evolve his sound, drawing influences from various genres and cultures.
  • What is the theme of ‘Obscura’? ‘Obscura’ explores themes of perspective and clarity, focusing on individuals struggling to find clear vision. The EP serves as a counterpart to ‘Panorama,’ which deals with those who have achieved clarity.
  • What inspired Omniboi’s unique sound? Growing up in Arizona, Omniboi was influenced by the local music scene, attending warehouse and desert raves. His sound, described as “kawaii future bass mixed with jazztronica,” also draws heavily from Far Eastern music.
  • How can I listen to ‘Obscura’? ‘Obscura’ is available on all major digital platforms. You can stream the EP here.
  • What notable achievements does Omniboi have? Omniboi recently won a Peabody Award for his work on the interactive video game ‘We Are OFK.’ He has also released multiple successful projects and collaborated with various artists.

Omniboi’s ‘Obscura’ EP is a testament to his versatility and creative vision. Through its exploration of perspective and clarity, the EP offers listeners a unique musical experience that blends various genres and influences. As Omniboi continues to evolve and push the boundaries of his sound, ‘Obscura’ stands as a significant milestone in his artistic journey. Be sure to stream ‘Obscura’ and immerse yourself in the captivating world that Omniboi has created.

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