If you haven’t heard of Ollygon, let me introduce you. He’s an 18 year old lad from York, England named Olly who specializes in the production of “cute music“. His tunes blur the lines between Future Bass & Garage, and leave the listener craving another does of sonic sweetness. I’d compare his sound to a glazed doughnut sprinkled with crispy candied bacon…because why not.

Ollygon - Curator of Candy-Coated Twinkle-step -- Only The Beat

The unapologetic use of twinkling chimes, soaring synths, and pitched down vocals resemble an early Flume, Autograf, or Manilla Killa.

Olly’s only been uploading material for 3 months, and he’s already attracted the attention of big names like NEUS, TheFatRat, and Gamper & Dadoni. Everything’s looking up for this kid. He’s honed in on a sound that simply makes listeners smile. Hell, it’s hard not to smile when nintendo sounding melodies are coupled with bouncy basslines and punchy beats.

Rock on Olly.

If you find the corners of your lips curling skyward, shoot Olly a follow on Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

And check out his 2 new tunes below!

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