Oliver Heldens continues his domination the house genres. Performing under his own name for his future house work and as Hi-Lo for his higher intensity tracks, the man has seen a meteoric rise to glory. Now Oliver has teamed up with another powerhouse EDM for one the most unexpected collaborations 2018 – and it is only January.

Dada Life took some serious time f from production after the retirement Ollie from touring. The group took some time to relax and focus on production. They returned with a single in the end 2017, and now in the first weeks 2018 they teamed up with Oliver Heldens as Hi-Lo for one the most infectiously delicious tunes we have heard in some time.

‘Love Vibrations' is exactly what we look for in a good electronic track. A deep catchy beat streamlines throughout the song as a chorus voices raise tension before giving way to a hard slamming techno release. This is almost to good to be true. Check it out below.