Okeechobee Music + Arts Festival Will Clear the Rails Between Sets

If you’re a die-hard music fan or festival-goer you have probably heard people camping on the front rails. People can move up to the front crowds to get a spot against rail and stay there all day. This is especially popular amongst Bassnectar and dubstep fans and is done in order to capture a video them head banging and shaking the rail as hard as they can.

This year Okeechobee Music + Arts Festival has said they will prevent people from sitting at the same spot on the rail all day. They responded to a fans question on Twitter with this:

Another fan followed with:

Most likely, this is not going to go over well with the Bassnectar fans. While the nectar fans’ dedication is admired, music festivals are about the good vibes and sharing the space so not letting anyone else get to the front goes against that. This may seem like too much policing people for a music festival, but it will be interesting to see how this turns out.