London producer O’Flynn has launched a new record label Panthus, that serves as the new sister label to his Hundred Flowers imprint. To coincide with the launch, he has released a new single “Talia.”

He kicks off the label with a bang on “Talia.” He conjures up some blissful house and breaks with fluttering piano and a vocal sample that would fit in his debut album Aletheia.

The song was made during lockdown and forced him to try a new method of gathering samples.

“’Talia' was made during lockdown when I couldn’t go to record shops to find samples,” explains O’Flynn. “My usual technique is to go to stores, buy a load of records and try and find gold to use - but everything had to be found digitally for this track.”

Pick up your copy of the track here.

Panthus will be a label that shifts the focus away from the dancefloor and more towards a listening experience.

“I started Hundred Flowers to put out music that I love playing in clubs - but this last year I’ve spent most of my time either making or listening to music in a very different space and environment, and Panthus will focus on releasing music by myself and friends that isn’t so focused on the dancefloor experience,” says O’Flynn.

O’Flynn has also been confirmed for a 4-week residency at Phonox in July on Saturday nights.