Oddprophet builds on his streak of success today with new single ‘The Star', touching down on Never Say Die's Black Label imprint. Utilising the producer's mysterious tarot-themed branding, ‘The Star' delivers a punchy, bass-fuelled hit that's sure to get blood boiling as festival season continues.

This is a track that brings the noise on an astral level, powering through a colossal composition of driving riffs, booming drums and a growling bassline that'll take pride of place on many a late-night dancefloor. As the vocal sample ‘I told you I was serious' echoes out throughout the tune, we can't help but wonder if this hints towards the well-known star ‘Sirius' – completing Oddprophet's vision for the tarot card depicted on the artwork.

But there's nothing twinkly about this track. If you like your dubstep on the heavy side, then this one's for you. Dive in to ‘The Star' below and grab your own copy HERE.